TEACh Scholarship Fund

Awarded to graduating high school seniors or high school graduates (or GED recipients) who are or have been in formal foster care, as verified by a third party, and either currently reside in Ventura County or did reside in Ventura County while in foster care or whose foster care dependency originated in Ventura County. Awards are only for current and former foster youth who will attend or are attending an accredited community college, trade or technical school, or accredited 4-year college or university. There are additional opportunities for eligible applicants to this fund including the TEACh Opportunity Fund Scholarship for students who meet all criteria but may be 25 years or older, pursuing undergraduate or graduate level studies. TEACh Scholarship awards are not renewable but prior recipients may re-apply for consideration in successive years.

Special Requirement: Awards are only for current and emancipated foster youth who are or have been in foster care or a group home in Ventura County.

Varies; Generally $1,000 to $3,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please respond to each prompt. Your entire response should be no more than 500 words and not duplicate the general application essay. 1. How being in foster care has affected your life. 2. What makes you a good investment of TEACh funds (your potential for success) 3. Other information you would like us to consider (for example, financial need, current life circumstance, additional achievements or talents) If you are a past TEACh recipient, please provide an update since your last award.
  2. What is the first and last name of your social worker?
  3. Please identify the number of years you were in foster care.