Orfalea Scholarship

Majors/Area of Study: Majoring in Early Childhood Education or Teaching, Sustainable Agriculture (to include studies in Organic Gardening, Permaculture, Biodiversity, Water, Food & Nutrition, or interdisciplinary studies that combine these areas), Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Physical or Occupational Therapy, Public Health, Social Work, Psychology / Counseling with the intent to practice in Ventura County

Awarded to Ventura County residents or a graduates of a Ventura County high school are intend to enroll or are enrolled at an approved trade/tech/vocational school, community college, or 4-year college or university. Applicant must demonstrate financial need

Awarded to applicant who has meet at least one of the following special requirements:
Applicant is a single parent of a minor child,
Applicant has a documented learning difference or is a non-traditional learner
Applicant has been a ward of the court or in foster care in Ventura County
Applicant is a dependent student (under age 24) of a migrant or seasonal farm worker
Applicant is a dependent student (under age 24) of a single parent home
Applicant is a dependent student (under age 24) whose parent is employed in Ventura County as a nurse, teacher, or at a nonprofit organization, as a Ventura County city or county law enforcement officer or firefighter
Applicant has demonstrated consistent employment while in school
Applicant has completed the Montana Yellowstone Expeditions/R.E.A.C.H. Program.