TEACh Scholarship Fund

Awarded to youth/young adults who are or have been in formal foster care (as verified by a third party) and either currently reside in Ventura County or did reside in Ventura County while in foster care or whose foster care dependency originated in Ventura County. Applicants must have previously graduated from high school or completed the GED or will graduate this year from high school or earn a GED in the award year. Applicants must submit a complete application with all required attachments by the deadline.

Varies; Generally $1,000 to $3,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. If not previously addressed in this application, please briefly comment on each of the following. Your entire response should be no more than 700 words. 1. How being in foster care has impacted your life and barriers or obstacles you have had to overcome. 2. Your goals and ability to achieve them. 3. Financial need and resources (for example, are you still receiving support through Extended Foster Care AB12, aged out of support, etc.) 4. Additional achievements and/or any talent or special ability you have. 5. Other information you would like us to know (if you are a past TEACh recipient, we encourage you to highlight successes and/or challenges you have experienced since your last award if you have not previously done so).